Vanilla massage trought tantric massage Kensington

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Awakening the erotic potential either through tantric massage Kensington or through other appropriate and recognized methods in this direction, always implies at the same time a conscious attention to it, more precisely, a gradual and ultimately perfect control, thus becoming - through it - able to handle our emotions of any kind as best: in the affective plane becoming able to receive and offer overwhelming states of love, compassion, gentleness; in the mental plane becoming more and more intelligent and not brilliant beings, and in the spiritual plane becoming more and more aware of ourselves and everything around us, seeking more and more to live the mystery that is find out beyond what you see, hear, feel, touch.

If you already know this information, you can read it for remembrance, and why not ... If this is the first time you hear about tantric massage, we will briefly provide you with some significant, clarifying information about this type of massage. you may discover new nuances that will be appealing to you and you will feel the call to discover concretely the tantric touch in our studio.

This type of massage seeks to unite energy flows, but without having the basic intention to stimulate the person from a sexual point of view. The focus is on stimulating energy in the case of tantric massage Kensington. It is pleasant and sensual in many respects, but it cannot be put a sign of equality between it and the tantric massage Kensington. Instead, erotic massage focuses on sexual stimulation, and hence the difference.

By this name it is given a symbolic value because lingam is the essence of the masculine energy concentrated in one place. Therefore, the massage of the lingam will stimulate this energy, will cause it to circulate in successive waves, from the intimate area to the extremities of the body, through various movements, finer or more powerful, by sliding, twisting or twisting. You will certainly be much more aware of your body and your own sexuality, through the energies aroused by this massage. An area that will receive special attention will be your intimate area, both the penis and the testicles, the entire perineal and prostate area, on the outside. The Sanskrit name of the penis is "lick" or "wand of light".

The tantric massage addresses the whole body not only to erogenous areas and sexual organs, symbolically called Lingam ("sword of light" or "bunch of rays", in Sanskrit) and Yoni ("sacred space").
Through the tantric massage, one can realize the union of sexual energy with the other forms of energy, which flow into our being. Due to physical, emotional, mental blockages, sexual energy is not completely and completely released in our entire being. Sexual energy is life-giving energy, making it one of the most powerful forms of energy in the Universe.