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Merchant Services provides direct domestic merchant accounts for Escorts and Escort Agencies. Using our own direct bank relationships, your services can now accept all major credit card London like visa MasterCard discover Amex as well as debit cards and process paper checks electronically within a few short days.
Business Types we Can Accept
- Agencies and Independents
- Accept Credit cards at a Brothel
- Adult Dating Listings or "Adult Site Classifieds" services
- Those that have been shutoff or declined by other companies
- New Startups or Established Companion Service Providers
Take your Escort services to the next level with the that makes processing credit card London as easy and profitable as it can be. Whether you work alone or through an Escort Agency, you can immediately increase your services with the convenience that credit card processing offers to your clients. Our Escort Services has been designed to help you increase your bottom line, avoiding at the same time all the risks involved from handling cash.
Flexible Credit Card London Processing for Escort Merchants.
Our Company understands the needs of your Escort Services services and the challenges services labeled as faces when looking for affordable credit card processing. Many banks and credit card processing companies decline merchant account applications from high-risk services, afraid of the added risk factor of high volume sales, refunds, potential chargeback and fraud involved in most of them. We are willing to take the risk of providing the most flexible payment processing solutions with our domestic / USA bank solutions, Offshore, and our "No Volume" merchant account service.

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